Increase Royalties & Deepen Fan Connection
The remedy for music monetization in a social media world.
The Problem

Fans live on social platforms. Royalty-producing content does not. Remedy bridges this gap.

The Remedy

All of your royalty producing music videos, concert tickets, merch and more only one click away.

Simple & Easy

No more losing fans to distracting ads, autoplay algorithms, or long click funnels.

Make it Count. In your socials and on the Charts
Remedy channels empower monetization and streamline discovery with every social platform and DSP.
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Get paid when fans easily find your videos, tickets, merch, and links.
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Exclusive to Remedy
Create official music videos, lyrics videos, and behind-the-scenes
All Remedy video content produces increased streams and royalties.
Remedy helps fans play streaming music alongside any videos, increasing monetization of your videos (up to 12x industry standards) and turning your videos into charting climbing hits.
Still looking for more?
Remedy's player is embeddable on news and publication websites as well.
Just send your Remedy Player snippet with press releases and writeup for an inline video that charts and pays!
Level-up Fan Engagement
Emerging Artists
Take control of your monthly streaming and help your fans find your music.
Grow Faster
Label Teams
Optimize work flows and turn all those marketing dollars into realized revenue.
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Artists and managers alike are making the move to Remedy.

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